New Video: Dev Featuring Fabolous, ‘Kiss My Lips’

Listen to Dev featuring Fabolous, 'Kiss My Lips.'

Electro-pop singer and 2012 mtvU Woodie Awards performer Dev and rapper Fabolous have teamed up on a new club banger, "Kiss My Lips." Slated to appear on Dev's forthcoming The Night The Sun Came Up, due out March 26, "Kiss My Lips" is basically a song about Dev and Fabolous commanding their significant others to -- wait for it -- kiss their lips! Dev proclaims: "And get your hand off my hip, and kiss my lips/ Kiss my lips, kiss me all over/ Are you gonna take that risk, take that risk /'Cause we're only gettin' older." Tru dat, lady! My biological clock is ticking.

Watch Dev and Fabolous' "Kiss My Lips" video after the jump.

Set in a strobe-lit club, Dev and Fabolous have a solo dance party as they're surrounded by all things lips: lights in the shape of lips, projections of colorful lips on the wall and most important, a ton of close-ups of hot people's hot lips. There's even a (totally subtle) montage of hot chicks using their lips to eat watermelon while Dev uses hers to suck on an ice cube. Did we mention lips? Because lips.

+ Watch Dev featuring Fabolous, "Kiss My Lips."

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