New Video: Fiona Apple, ‘Every Single Night’

In "Every Single Night," Fiona Apple's first music video in seven years, the inimitable singer-songwriter gives us just a glimpse of what the nightly fights inside her head look like. And to be honest, we're not sure if we're glad we got the invite -- she's wearing an octopus as a hat, her boyfriend is part farm animal, she keeps her brain in her purse, and the Eiffel Tower has seen better days.

In the Joseph Cahill-directed clip, Fiona reluctantly walks us through a day/night in the life of her thought process. In between shots of a giant snail taking over France and Fiona throwing fish to a hungry alligator, we get the impression that the "Not About Love" singer probably excelled in story time as a kindergartner: hella imagery up in here. The stripped-down, sparse track goes the opposite direction for its visual counterpart -- it's one of the busiest clips we've seen this year, let alone from Fiona Apple. It's bizarre, whimsical and a bit unsettling, and probably exactly what Fiona fans expected in the first video from The Idler Wheel.... If this is what Apple's fights with her brain look like, we're wondering what goes on in there when they're getting along.

+ Watch Fiona Apple's "Every Single Night" video after the jump.

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