New Video: Florence + The Machine, ‘Lover To Lover’

Florence + The Machine is back with a new video for "Lover To Lover."

You can't expect powerhouse vocalist Florence Welch to stay silent for very long. Perhaps best known for fronting Florence + The Machine's riveting track "The Dog Days Are Over" and the Calvin Harris-backed "Sweet Nothing," the baroque pop band is back with a new video for "Lover To Lover," the latest track from the group's sophomore set, Ceremonials.

Watch Florence + The Machine's "Lover To Lover" video.

Directed by Vincent Haycock, Florence's dramatic new clip depicts the lead singer as a put-upon housewife wiling away the days in a dusty Los Angeles home. It's hinted that her marriage with onscreen husband -- an intimidatingly mustachioed Ben Mendelsohn -- is not going so well (like, borderline abusive, if not actually abusive) as Florence wanders from shot to shot, sometimes arguing with her husband, other times making up with him, then burning all of their possessions in one giant, cathartic conflagration before jumping into the Pacific Ocean, presumably to end it all. Of her last scene, Florence told Nowness magazine, "The waves were enormous, it was freezing cold and four in the morning -- I was weeping all the way in I was so scared." Scared or not, we think Florence should be super proud -- it's a powerful narrative for an equally powerful song (not to mention the acting), and we are impressed.

+ Watch Florence + The Machine's "Lover To Lover" video.

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