New Video: Florence + The Machine, ‘Spectrum’

Florence Welch throws a party for he ballerina friends in her latest video, 'Spectrum.'

Florence + The Machine's new "Spectrum" video looks like every fashion blogger's "Favesies" board on Pinterest, and I mean that in the highest regard. The often imitated, never duplicated Florence Welch brought out the big guns for her latest Ceremonials video: Co-directed by David LaChapelle and John Byrne, "Spectrum" is a what a ballerina-mermaid dance party looks like inside Balmain's house and/or a Baz Luhrmann film. We want to go to there.

Watch Florence + The Machine's "Spectrum" video after the jump.

In the "Spectrum" video, the baroque-pop Ms. Welch just got back from the barbershop, where they either did a totally bang-up job (literally) or need to give the girl a refund STAT. In a layered red wig and bedazzled sparkly clothes you would kill for, Florence performs for all of her ballerina friends who put on an impromptu recital. Ms. Welch ditches her dancer friends for a minute to splash around in some water (looking hella Ariel) and hang out with some pharaohs. Then she sings in front of a gold couch -- much more visually arresting than it sounds. By the end, you won't just be "saying her name"; you'll be screaming it.

+ Watch Florence + The Machine's "Spectrum" video.

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