New Video: Go Radio, ‘Go To Hell’

Go Radio

Go Radio get creative with a split screen in "Go To Hell."

Leave it to Go Radio to combine lyric and regular videos in THE SAME VIDEO. ::Room spins:: (Dudes probably all drive Priuses, too.) In their video for "Go To Hell," the Florida-based band gets creative with split-screen technology, as singer/guitarist Jason Lancaster acts broody in black and white while his far-off former lady love pens some underline-heavy lyrical diary entries. We'd probably bust out the Sharpie, too, if we were this pissed -- after all, the song's not called "Come Back, I Totally Miss You."

Watch Go Radio's "Go To Hell" video after the jump.

After making his way through the L.A. public-transit system (L.A. has a subway?! The more you know...), Lancaster finally arrives at his lady's front door for a kiss -- and instead receives a stack of instructions for where he can go next (hint: It's hell). Sorry, bro. At least you saved some gas money! And props to the video for putting a different spin on The Breakup Song -- maybe for an encore this track and "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" can go on the most awkward musical date, like, ever. "Go To Hell" lands with Go Radio's new album, Close the Distance, out Sept. 18 on Fearless Records.

+ Watch Go Radio's "Go To Hell" video.

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