New Video: Jay Sean Featuring Pitbull, ‘I’m All Yours’

Watch Jay Sean and Pitbull in 'I'm All Yours.'

It's no secret that Jay Sean and Pitbull love partying, hot women, cars and booze. But the raging that occurs in the video for their new song "I'm All Yours" is on a whole other level. Shot in Miami, "I'm All Yours" is characterized primarily by scantily clad chicks fawning all over Jay and Pit as they chill out all over Miami. What we don't get is how even though Jay and Pitbull are flirting with 90,000 women at the same time, they're saying "I'm All Yours" to just one? #undercoverplayers

Watch Jay Sean's "I'm All Yours" video after the jump. 

Once Mr. Worldwide and Jay have finished flirting with their first round of women, they hop into their pricey vehicles and take over the highway, speeding past everyone they see. (In this magical world, celebs don't get tickets.) The duo then takes the party to a bigass yacht filled with even more bikini-clad chicks and booze. This party is so dope that Birdman flew in just to make a cameo!  As the soiree rages on, all we can do is be crazy jealous/add this little get-together to the growing list of hot events we simply weren't invited to. Shoot a girl a text next time, guys.

+ Watch Jay Sean's "I'm All Yours" video, featuring Pitbull

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