New Video: Jedward, ‘Young Love’

 Jedward sing about youth and romance in their "Young Love" video. They're also twins, if you didn't notice.

Who the hell are Jedward? And more importantly, why is their name Jedward? It's tough to understand, but here's what we know: Jedward are an Irish pop duo made up of identical twins John and Edward Grimes. The bros first appeared on season six of "The X Factor" in the U.K., and though they placed sixth, they amassed a giant fan base across the pond and are now extremely famous. Oh, and somewhere around that time they smushed their names together to make the very innovative JEDWARD. (John + Edward = Jedward. We know you knew that.)

Watch Jedward's "Young Love" video after the jump. 

Cut to present day: These twin bros have had tons of chart success, and their latest tune, "Young Love" will probably be no exception. In their new video, self-directed of course, the blonde-locked brothers sound like a mix between a young Justin Bieber and *NSYNC circa '99, all the while flaunting their identical twin-ness and singing about puppy love. The video doesn't have much of a plot, and mainly consists of the twins standing on an empty stage and rehearsing for an off off Broadway play their next gig. Is this video breaking any boundaries? Certainly not, but then again these two do win about 10,000 extra points for looking like the same person. (Twin bonus!) So there's always that.

+ Watch Jedward's "Young Love" video

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