New Video: Justin Bieber, ‘Boyfriend’

Cheese and crackers, people. Did we have to wait long enough for this day to come or what? After approximately 8,000 sneak peeks and a billion dillion tweets from Justin Bieber promising it was on the way, his full-length "Boyfriend" video is finally here! And we can't be the only ones thinking it looks a tad familiar.

Watch Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" video after the jump.

Despite the teaser we saw featuring close-up shots of female hands grabbing for Justin's face, there's very little of that actually going on in the video. And if you were hoping for some kind of Michael Jackson homage showcasing the Bieb's silhouette in front of a moon backdrop like we'd seen in another teaser, surprise! None of that either! The Director X-directed "Boyfriend" starts the way you think it's going to -- shots of Justin brooding, random hands, a vibrating speaker, etc. -- and you're all "Dis gon b gud." But then it literally stops and starts over... and that's when it turns into *NSYNC's "Girlfriend."

I'm sorry, guys, but let's be adults about this and address the elephant in the room: Justin basically swapped out Timberlake, JC, Lance, Joey and Chris with himself and tons of chicks, and then went ahead and remade a little piece of *NSYNC history. Seriously -- it's cars, girls and music. (No synchronized car roof dancing, though.) Not that we're mad about it (OK, we are a little), but what happened to those sexy age-appropriate close-ups, JB? What happened to the dripping icicles and slo-mo shots of flames (and other heavily themed visuals)? Most important, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE POOL SCENE? Had I known this video was going to take place in a parking lot, I would have changed my "Justin Bieber 'Boyfriend' Video-Inspired Pool Party" invites before I sent them out.

Regardless, we're still happy -- a new Justin Bieber video! It can only mean one thing: We're one day and one video closer to the release of Believe. There's a silver lining in everything if you know where to look.

+ Watch Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" video.

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