New Video: Mates of State, ‘Unless I’m Led’

Mates of State make married life look so blissful and cool. In their new video for "Unless I'm Led," the indie-pop husband-and-wife duo stroll (and jump and dance) along a cloudy beach and have lots of weird fun with all the things they find along the way. We see singer/keyboardist Kori Gardner and singer/drummer Jason Hammel leapfrog over flaming logs, stumble upon a bunch of red balloons and then set them free, hurl paint at an Andy Warhol-esque soup can portrait, sit down to a table only to turn it over seconds later, and finally, dance by a campfire built from driftwood. Aww-zees.

Watch Mates of State's "Unless I'm Led" video after the jump.

Directed by Jimi Patterson and the fourth video from Mates of State's 2011 album Mountaintops, "Unless I'm Led" is shot all in one take and filmed in double time, giving the video a dreamy, slow-motion effect that works well with the song's sleepy tempo, melancholy mood and heartachy lyrics about "sleeping in the wrong bed." The coolest moments are when reality warps and twisted magic happens -- like when a black bird flies by with its wings on fire, or when Kori picks up a string with several sun-like orbs attached (giving the impression that she's dragging the sun through the sand). The song may be devastatingly sad, but at least Mates of State look sweet and lovely singing it.

+ Watch Mates of State's "Unless I'm Led" video.

Photo credit: Nick Gordon

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