New Video: Metric, ‘Breathing Underwater’

Metric's "Breathing Underwater" video beautifully chronicles their backstage moments.

We've been crazy about indie electro-rock outfit Metric since 2003's Grow Up And Blow Away (aka our walking-around-the-city-like-a-boss soundtrack, along with every other album they've ever produced). Together since their formation in 1998, Metric are veterans of Toronto's mid-aughts indie explosion, the same big bang that birthed artists like Broken Social Scene, Stars, and the considerably post-rockier Do Make Say Think. Though their history is long, Metric doesn't seem to have changed much --  they've simply expanded their trademark college/indie/new wave appeal instead of outgrowing it. Nowadays, Metric has returned with the brand-new video for "Breathing Underwater," which appears on their recently released fifth studio album, Synthetica.

Watch Metric's "Breathing Underwater" video after the jump.

Cutting between blink-and-you'll-miss-it shots of Metric's on-tour travels, hanging out backstage, and going craaazy onstage, "Breathing Underwater" offers a behind-the-scenes look at stardom from the band's point of view, but remembers to include a few traditional music video clips of lead singer Emily Haines singing introspectively into the camera (and looking completely gorgeous to boot). "Is this my life/ Am I breathing underwater?" sings Emily in what looks like a visual homage to a touring musician's life. In sum, "Breathing Underwater" looks and sounds like one big "thank you" card to Metric's audience -- almost as if they themselves can't believe they've been in the game for so long. And if you want to catch them in one of their on-tour moments, Metric is a month away from finishing their Synthetica tour, hitting up venues in Canada and the Pacific Northwest. (Er, road trip to Quebec, anyone?)

+ Watch Metric's "Breathing Underwater" video.

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