New Video: MGK, ‘Chasing Pavements’

MGK gets deep in his latest video "Chasing Pavements."

It's official: Everyone loves Adele. Even Machine Gun Kelly. The "Wild Boy" takes some times to contemplate his rise to fame in his latest video "Chasing Pavements," featuring a sped-up sample of the 2008 Adele track of the same name. We love when rappers get deep.

Watch MGK's "Chasing Pavements" video after the jump.

All new rappers release a "reflective fame ballad video" eventually, and MGK fulfills his duties with "Chasing Pavements." Featured on 2011's "RagePack" mixtape, at 30,000 feet in the air from the seat of a private jet, MGK wonders if the whole celebrity game is worth it: "No rest plus success and abuse of prescription meds/ Times stress equals out to be the m*****f****** mess that is/ Kells, the boy with no home/ That's why I live in your speakers through this song." You trying to get us misty, MGK?

Other than that, "Chasing Pavements" is your standard one-shot video of Machine Gun Kelly looking out the window of a plane. We dig. (Raise your hand if the part where MGK lip-syncing to Adele's chorus is also your favorite.)

+ Watch MGK's "Chasing Pavements" video. (Language NSFW.)

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