New Video: MGK Featuring Ester Dean, ‘Invincible’

Oh, so this is where MGK was keeping his video budget. The Cleveland wildboy takes you back to the "Like Toy Soldiers" set for the video to his emotional, Midwest white boy crossover anthem, "Invincible." Filled with shots of frantic hospital running, fights in the front yard, lifting weights, unwanted pregnancies and exorcisms, there's something in this video for everyone to relate to! (Singer-songwriter Ester Dean's in there, too.) The song has been out forever now and has been stuck in the heads of pretty much anyone who watches WWE. Not me, though. I don't watch wrestling; I'm in these streets.

Watch MGK's Ester Dean-assited video "Invincible" after the jump.

But now MGK is getting ready for the release of his debut album next month, and he's looking to ride this wrestling wave as far as he can.  That's not a bad plan because (I've heard) that wrestling fans are a pretty loyal bunch and will do crazy things like "buy music" just to show "support." Who knows, if Kells plays his cards right, next summer he could be headlining The Gathering, and you can't really put a price tag on the Juggalo fanbase (because they're not for f@%$ing sale!) as they are a passionate people. Word to Tila Tequila.

MGK's debut studio album, Lace Up, drops July 10 on Diddy's Bad Boy records. Other than this song and the "Wild Boy (Remix)," we haven't heard anything from the album, and that's kind of interesting.

+ Watch MGK's 'Invicible' video, featuring Ester Dean.

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