New Video: Mika, ‘Make You Happy’

Ohai, Mika! We're glad you're back!

Every time we hear a Mika song, we pretty much go on an imaginary cartwheel/Pixy Stix/rainbows joyride. Seriously, if "Lollipop" comes on at a party, then MAKE SOME ROOM. So it only seems appropriate that the pop genius created a song called "Make You Happy" and commissioned an equally joyous video. Hearts! Smiley faces! ENDLESS JOY!

Watch Mika's "Make You Happy" video after the jump.

The Iouri Philippe Paillé-directed clip reminds us of an indie film trailer, portraying a montage of lifelike couples sharing private moments: passionate smooches, eye gazing and random romantic instances abound. But before you go on an anti-PDA protest, Mika's silky voice and electro-pop beat meshes the collage of clips into a streamlined tale that celebrates people experiencing one of life's simplest joys: love. OK... you can gag a little.

If this is just a taste of what we can expect on Mika's forthcoming album, The Origins Of Love, look for more swooning and cartwheeling coming from our direction.

 + Watch Mika's "Make You Happy" video.

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