New Video: Mindless Behavior, ‘Hello’

Mindless Behavior holler at some shorties in their new video "Hello." You know how they do.

Parents just don't understand, you guys. Case in point: The new video for thoroughly adorbz boy band Mindless Behavior's single, "Hello."

See, not only is lead singer Prodigy's mom mad because he missed his curfew, she won't even let him go hang out with his friends! What's a guy to do? Well, Prodigy sneaks out of the house to play basketball, where he sees a coupla shorties that grab his attention -- and his main love interest, Jessica, just happens to be throwing a party that night. Will he survive the party unscathed by social humiliation, or will Prodigy's mom show up to haul him away from the unsupervised soiree, leaving him totally mortified? (In our experience, parents only ever show up when we don't want them there, so the odds probably aren't good for lil' Prod.)

Watch Mindless Behavior's "Hello" video after the jump.

Luckily, this narrative is intercut with an NSYNC-esque fishbowl room where all the boys of Mindless Behavior evoke Jacko with some seriously sick dance moves while wearing the standard outfit for teenage boys: Distressed jeans, white t-shirts, blue blazers, combat boots, and fedoras. Is this how the kids are dressing these days? Apparently we've become completely unfashionable in our creaky old age.

So, a little note to the guys of Mindless Behavior: Next time you throw a party, can you be sure to invite us? Thanks!

+ Watch Mindless Behavior's "Hello" video.

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