New Video: Mindless Behavior, ‘Keep Her On The Low’

Mindless Behavior jump through hoops in their "Keep Her On The Low" video.

We've been SO revved for Mindless Behavior's "Keep Her On The Low" video ever since listening to/gawking over the song's lyrics, which clearly indicate that each band member, despite being 16 years old, is probably juggling two chicks at once. Because it's not enough to have just ONE girlfriend at 16, but apparently the MB boys, otherwise known as the baddest mini-ballers in the game, need TWO. Cute that I'm... er, a LITTLE bit older and WOULD JUST LIKE ONE PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

Watch Mindless Behavior's "Keep Her On The Low" video after the jump.

The first single off Mindless Behavior's sophomore album, All Around The World, the boys' dance-heavy "Keep Her On The Low" video (P.S. way to step up the choreography game guys, WE TOTALLY NOTICED!) has the boys planning a top-secret performance as spy agents. They run into a few issues along the way (as is to be expected -- gotta keep things interesting!), but they manage to outrun some security lasers with their superspecial spy powers and eventually make it to the roof of a building where they not only unleash said secret performance, but also make out with their backup dancers. (Natch.) Honestly, if that's not the epitome of multitasking, then we don't know what is. Those guys should teach productivity seminars! Also, we'd love it if Mindless Behavior could keep us informed of their baller-ness levels when they turn, say, 21. Because they'll PROBABLY defy the laws of baller science. (Read: lock up your daughters, dads!!)

Watch Mindless Behavior's "Keep Her On The Low" video.

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