New Video: Nat & Alex Wolff, ‘Lullaby’

Nat and Alex Wolff are not naked, but they are vampires in their 'Lullaby' video.

Brothers and New York City alt-rock duo Nat & Alex Wolff (formerly of Nickelodeon's "The Naked Brothers Band") have just released the video for their single "Lullaby," and we can now happily confirm the Wolffs are in fact the cutest brother band that has ever existed. And no, I'm not cheating on The Jonas Brothers -- this is a different generation entirely.

Though we're not going to call "Lullaby" a full-blown rock song off their Black Sheep album, this jam skews more toward hard rock than the tunes we're used to hearing from the boys. The electric guitar carries the song as the drummer headbangs his way through the entire record. The Wolff bros are getting more badass by the second.

Watch Nat & Alex Wolff's "Lullaby" video after the jump.

Shot in black and white, Nat & Alex play vampires who have crushes on regular girls. Decked in full vampire regalia, the bros crash an all-girls slumber party and play pranks. They bring along their instruments and play a killer set outside the girls' house (which definitely makes up for their weird vampire look), but the "I'm a cute musician" angle isn't enough to persuade the girls to come out and flirt. So Nat & Alex end up randomly biting a chick's neck and creating the perfect vampire bride. Um, okay?

Sure, it's creepy to see Nat & Alex with (fake) human blood dripping down their faces (they start so young these days!), but it's all for the sake of a creative end product, right? Rock on, Wolffs. Stay creepy.

+ Watch Nat & Alex Wolff's "Lullaby" video.

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