New Video: OneRepublic, ‘Feel Again’

Why so sad, guys? OneRepublic rock us gently in their new video, "Feel Again."

Last week we told you that pop rock superstars OneRepublic were back with an energetic (and LOUD) new single, "Feel Again," which will also be the first track from their upcoming album. So we danced in the office to this song, we threw our arms in the air, we considered the car commercial possibilities, we imagined ourselves as Ryan Tedder's girlfriend... ( ::Looks around nervously::

Watch OneRepublic's "Feel Again" video after the jump.

Anyway. We basically lost our minds to "Feel Again," and now we're losing our minds again to OneRepublic's brand-new video. The video starts off with Ryan pocketing glowing orbs in what appears to be the hills overlooking Los Angeles, then continues to host a woodsy nighttime party with the rest of the band as they play unusual instruments (do we spy a banjo bass??). And dare we say it -- OneRepublic's dreamy venture into soulful arena rock sure does remind us a lot of Coldplay. Right? We're definitely getting a post-aughts "Clocks" vibe in "Feel Again." Maybe they could tour together as "ColdRepublic"?

 + Watch OneRepublic's video for "Feel Again."

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