New Video: Rizzle Kicks, ‘Dreamers’

Rizzle Kicks' "Dreamers" is the latest single off their album "Stereo Typical."

Remember Rizzle Kicks? The English hip-hop duo from Brighton we buzzed about last month? They've just come out with a brand new video called "Dreamers," and if you didn't have a thing for them already, you totally do now. Also, the accents!

Watch Rizzle Kicks' "Dreamers" video after the jump. 

Shot at the famed Pikes in Ibiza, the video features some "Alice In Wonderland" vibes, as the "When I Was A Youngster" rappers party in and around the hotel's enchanted setting. The boys ride bikes, have a dance-battle, and even get into a heated tennis match with their pal Dappy. And of course, it's worth mentioning that the tennis court is purple, because green is way too ordinary. The video comes to a close, but the Ibiza-based rager shows no signs of stopping. But then again, why should it? These lads are young, cute, and on vacay with other famous peeps. Rage on, bros.

+ Watch Rizzle Kicks' "Dreamers" video.

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