New Video: Shakira, ‘Addicted To You’

Shakira is muy caliente in her 'Addicted To You' video.

I took French in high school, so I'm admittely pretty Spanish-poor. And of course, Shakira's new video "Addicted To You" is smokin' (what's new?), so fortunately I was able to harness the powers of Google to properly express my feelings in Spanish! So... MUY CALIENTE, Shakira! Universally speaking... DAMN. You are looking INSANELY EN POINTE in your video, and I'm thrilled to say that I can now describe this sentiment in both English, French and Español.

Watch Shakira's "Addicted To You" video after the jump. 

The fifth single off Shakira's 2010 album Sale El Sol, the bilingual "Addicted To You" is a colorful, Latin-infused record that perfectly showcases Shaki's one-of-a-kind vocals. The verses are in Spanish (anyone wanna help me translate?), but the chorus is in English and speaks to a feeling we can all relate to -- being addicted to your significant other: "I'm addicted to you.../ Baby, I'm addicted to you." Simple as that. (Yet so much more complicated, amirite?)

Shot in one day in L.A., the Anthony Mandler-directed clip features a scantily clad Shakira doing that RIDIC Shakira hip move nobody else can replicate and writhing around on a bed while fantasizing about her man. A few outfit changes later, Shakira frolics in some foliage, chills in a candlelit bedroom and finishes up her seduction scene by splashing around in a bathtub wearing a white T-shirt -- you do the math.

+ Watch Shakira's "Addicted To You" video.

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