New Video: Sleigh Bells, ‘End Of The Line’

Sleigh Bells go for a neighborhood bike ride in their clip for "End Of The Line."

In Sleigh Bells' new "End Of The Line" video, we get to see the kinds of things that best friends like Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss do. So what do BFFs do, besides remind us that Reign Of Terror is one of the best albums of 2012? Braid each other's hair, talk on the phone all day, have sleepovers, and ride bikes through the neighborhood. Truthfully, this video prominently features the latter and not the first three activities, but we can still tell their commitment to each other is very strong.

Watch Sleigh Bells' "End Of The Line" video after the jump.

At the beginning of the video, we see Derek -- who directed the video with Gregory Kohn -- riding his bicycle in the 'burbs (with guitar of course), while Alexis walks around alone in a field. Eventually, she ditches the field for a 10-speed. As the day goes on, we see both Sleigh Bells members ride, but they never meet, even as the day turns into night. I know back in the day when it hit dark, I had to be home ASAP. But since Derek and Alexis are adults, they'll probably be fine. So stop worrying about Sleigh Bells and get to watching their dreamy, gauzy new video.

+ Watch Sleigh Bells' "End Of The Line" video.

Photo credit: Flora Hanitijo

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