New Video: The Briggs, ‘Panic’

The Briggs

The Briggs hit the streets of L.A. with a new single.

For a song entitled "Panic," The Briggs seem to be pretty on top of things. Well-lit performance footage? Check. Sweet tattoos? Yup. Adorable-but-dangerous dog chase sequence? All set. We bet they make a lot of to-do lists. The seminal L.A. punk band/Kings fans (yes, we're taking a late pass and jumping on the band's Stanley Cup bandwagon) shot the "Panic" video on their home turf, with singer Joey LaRocca walking by Echo Park institution House of Spirits before his canine encounter. If you're looking for a punk heartthrob (which, duh), he spends most of the video shirtless, shouting and showing off his ink. Also, either he looks oddly like Charlie Sheen, or we had too much tiger blood for breakfast.

The song's sandpaper-punk is energetic and fist-pump worthy: It's an ode to surviving your problems with a helping hand from playing rock music. "My salvation lies in every note/ so put my heart straight to my throat," LaRocca bellows in the chorus. Earlier, he's worried: "Panic makes all my decisions for me," he sings. This is probably a good idea given you're being attacked by a dog.

The release of "Panic" last month is the first we've heard from the band since 2008's Come All You Madmen, with The Briggs coming out of "hibernation," as LaRocca calls it, after taking some time off. With this track under their belts, it sounds like the band won't be heading back to sleep just yet.

+ Watch The Briggs' "Panic" video.

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