New Video: The Cab, ‘Endlessly’

Watch The Cab's "Endlessly" video starring Hailee Steinfeld!

We got you all revved to watch The Cab's "Endlessly" video with some exclusive sneak-peek images, and now, the full video has finally arrived! Huzzah! BTW, did we mention that "Endlessly" was cowritten by Bruno Mars and stars Academy Award nominee Hailee Steinfeld (aka the actress from "True Grit").  Not too shabby, The Cab, not too shabby.

Watch The Cab's "Endlessly" video after the jump.

In the preview we learned that "Endlessly" had something to do with keys, which all makes sense now since poor Hailee spends most of the video trying like heck to open a locked box. In between scenes of frontman Alex DeLeon singing in the hazy sunlight, we watch Hailee try tons of keys on the box before getting fed up (insert your preferred Al Gore "Lock Box" joke  here). Feeling frustrated, she angrily throws the box on the floor (she's got some muscle), only to reveal that hidden in the floor is a gold ring! We don't know what it all means, but we're thinking along the lines of "don't expect to find missing objects in the places you think they'd be." Or perhaps it's "sometimes things don't work and the only way around that is to tear ish up." Or maybe it's just "Alex DeLeon looks cute in a hat and is friends with amazing actresses." We're fine with any of these things!

Watch The Cab's "Endlessly" video.

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