New Video: The Hives, ‘Go Right Ahead’

The Hives

The Hives, still bow-tied after all these years.

Most of my Hives memories involve discreetly jamming "Hate To Say I Told You So" in history class back in 20-mumble-mumble. Summer school: crazy boring! But while I keep getting older, looks like the Swedish band's stayed the same age. Their new video, "Go Right Ahead," finds the eternally youthful rockers in their trademark ultra-classy black-and-white wardrobe and as noisy as ever.

Watch The Hives' "Go Right Ahead" video after the jump.

The garage group's scorching in-studio performance was captured by nearly a dozen cameras, including a crucial guitar-neck cam, so not one angle gets missed. Frontman Howlin' Pelle Almqvist is still a living 5-Hour Energy drink -- if there's another band that rocks this hard in top hats, or, ahem, Dracula capes, I don't want to know about it. Luckily, the band's not too fancy for a studio tech's bubble-blowing invasion, which goes nicely with the balloons floating around the floor.

The track expands on the band's vintage rock strengths, upgrading their sound with a horn section (in furry hats and leather jackets, just because) and some T. Rex-esque glam-rock swag. Not to mention group clapping! We endorse all songs with clapping. The band's fifth studio album, Lex Hives, is going ahead June 5 on the band's own Disques Hives via Sony Music.

+ Watch The Hives' "Go Right Ahead" video.

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