New Video: The Weeknd, ‘Wicked Games’

The Weeknd sticks to the shadows in his "Wicked Games" video.

Before he was booking studio time with Drake and headlining festivals, The Weeknd was a mysterious figure -- a feeling main man Abel Tesfaye's new video for "Wicked Games" sinks deep into. He begins singing alongside a seductive, nearly NSFW model, who moves offscreen, leaving only her shadow to dance to the moody slow jam. "Bring the drugs, baby/ I could bring my pain," Tesfaye sings as her shadow reaches toward his mouth. Spooky!

Watch The Weeknd's "Wicked Games" video after the jump.

It's only when her silhouette drags him into darkness that he betrays any emotion, nodding his head as he begs, "Tell me you love me." Eventually the lights come on and he heads outside -- we were getting worried dude was never going to leave the house! (Hope he brought back some snacks.) We'll definitely be seeing more of The Weeknd soon: He'll release his three previously free mixtapes as the Trilogy compilation on Nov. 13, with remastered music and a number of fresh tracks.

+ Watch The Weeknd's "Wicked Games" video.

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