New Video: We Came As Romans, ‘Hope’ (VIDEO)

We Came As Romans start a high school revolution in their "Hope" video.

We Came As Romans are having a case of the Mondays on a Friday. How do I know? Try their new song, "Hope," which premiered right here only a few weeks ago and gets straight to the point with "Sometimes I feel so wrong like I've been held down/ I feel my heart, like a rock, it's sinking." Ouch. Cheer up, guys. Yowch.

"Hope," from the band's sophomore album re-release, Understanding What We've Grown to Be, came out earlier this month, and from the looks of the brand-new video, the guys haven't resolved the issues that plague them in the song. Far be it from me to offer advice, but it feels like maybe one way to cheer up would be, oh, I don't know... stop holding band practice in desolate-looking, broken-down warehouses. However, flowers and soft kitten stuff doesn't really agree with We Came As Romans' vibe, so carry on.

Watch We Came As Romans' "Hope" video after the jump.

"Standing up and becoming united as one, is what the main idea of the video is," bassist Andrew Glass explained of the concept behind the new Dan Kennedy and Rasa Acharya-directed clip for the scorching metal-core anthem. "Stand up you have a voice to be heard," they sing in scenes intercut with the aforementioned dark performance footage, and a school full of students finding their own creativity.

That's before things go absolutely ape-ish, with a torrential downpour inside and sudden band-pose-karate. But by the end of the video, everyone is friends, walking along in unison under a bright, hopeful sky. THE POTENTIAL LIVED INSIDE THEIR HEARTS THE ENTIRE TIME. Maybe these guys are into the warm, fuzzy kitten stuff after all.

+ Watch We Came As Romans' "Hope" video.

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