New Video: Willow Smith, ‘Do It Like Me (Rockstar)’

Willow Smith is clearly the baddest mini-baller on the block, which means her new video, "Do It Like Me (Rockstar)," is packed with more swag than I've got in my 26-year-old pinkie. But I've dealt with it, and it'll be OK no matter what happens (or at least that's what my mom says). Moving right along: "Do It" features some of Willow's real-life travels! Read: This clip is sort of like a condensed Willow Smith reality show, making it the best thing we've ever seen.

Watch Willow Smith's "Do It Like Me (Rockstar)" video after the jump. 

Rumor has it that this clip was actually the first-ever video shot for the pint-size pop star, but it's been hidden in the Willow archives until now. Willow is seen dancing her way though London, Paris and other luxe European cities you've probably never visited. As she works her moves, Willow sings about being a lil' badass, who, even at 11, can dominate the game: "Know when I take off my shades/ Please don't be shocked at my age/ I'm taking over your game/ Now will I scare you?/ BOO!" We should also mention that Willow is most definitely wearing better clothes than us and likely flew first class to all her destinations. Guess if we can't have this life, then watching Willow live it is the next best option! Go get yours, gurl.

+ Watch Willow Smith's "Do It Like Me (Rockstar)" video

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