Nicki Minaj Hangs With Her Biggest (Littlest) Fans, Sophia Grace And Rosie (PHOTO)

Nicki Minaj poses with her cutest fans, Sophia Grace and Rosie!

We're hallelujah-ing to the social media gods that wooed Nicki Minaj back to the Twitterverse. If our fave rapper hadn't decided to listen to the voices in her head come back, we wouldn't have been able to experience the pure joy from this pic of Nicki posing with her cutest fans, Sophia Grace and Rosie! You may already know the little British girls backstory on how they wooed Nicki: They blew up YouTube with their rendition of Nicki's "Super Bass." The girls have even performed with Nicki on "Ellen." But now it seems like the princess dress-wearing pair have gained an all-access pass to everything Minaj -- including a coveted shout-out on the rapper's Twitter along with the most endearing caption: "My Babies!!!" (Side note: Take a second to imagine what it'd be like to actually have Nicki Minaj as a mom...)

Seriously, we're kicking ourselves! If we would have known singing a Minaj tune while decked out in some royalty garb would get us in Nicki's good graces, we would have followed through with filming ourselves dropping "Your Love" in our handmade Jester outfit that we wear during our D&D marathons. (Don't judge.)

Photo credit: @NICKIMINAJ

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