Nintendo investigating Wii U manufacturer after child labor admission

Mario maker looking into operations at Foxconn following the company's admission of utilizing children under 16.


Chinese manufacturer Foxconn, which is responsible for assembling the Wii U, among numerous other devices, has admitted to employing workers under the age of 16. In a statement to Reuters, the company said, "Our investigation has shown that the interns in question, who ranged in age from 14 to 16, had worked in that campus for approximately three weeks." This represents a violation of China's labor law.

As a response to this, Nintendo issued a comment to IGN, stating the company is launching an investigation into the findings.

"Nintendo is in communication with Foxconn and is investigating the matter. We take our responsibilities as a global company very seriously and are committed to an ethical policy on sourcing, manufacture, and labor," the company said.

Use of child labor is a violation of Nintendo's Corporate Social Responsibility Procurement Guidelines. In adherence with these guidelines, Nintendo must conduct regular on-site inspections of companies, like Foxconn, to check worker morale, interview administrators, and pore over records.

"If we were to find that any of our production partners did not meet our guidelines, we would require them to modify their practices according to Nintendo“s policy," Nintendo said.

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