OMG, Ke$ha Looks Super Pretty And Normal! We Love It! (PHOTO)

Ke$ha looked stunning at the BMI Pop Music Awards in Beverly Hills, CA.

OMFG, guys. For once, Ke$ha wasn't photographed glowing in glitter, bedazzling her head or sporting a yarn beard -- she actually went out in public looking like class! We are secretly begging her to stay this way forever 'cause we can't even handle how well she cleans up. Don't get us wrong, we totally love her whole free-sprited-IDGAF vibe she gives off on the regular, but can we all take a minute to imagine a world where craft supplies were just for paper again and not used as fashion accessories?

The "We R Who We R" singer was snapped attending the BMI Pop Music Awards in Beverly Hills yesterday, and we have to admit that when girl wants to, she can seriously dress to impress. That's the thing about Ke$ha: This pic proves yet again that you never (EVER) know what you're in for (i.e. her mooning incident), but that's why we love her. Also, this stunning photo is slowly allowing us to forgive her for that recent (and really gross) pee-in-public moment she shared on Twitter. We said "forgive"... not "forget."

Photo credit: Jason LaVeris/ FilmMagic

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