One Direction Is The Cutest Football Team We’ve Ever SEEN! (PHOTOS)

We want to play for Team 1D!

We know One Direction are a sporty bunch. We've already seen Louis Tomlinson kick it on the soccer field and those lettermen jackets the boys recently earned. But now we get to see ALL of 1D in action with this RIDIC photo of the boys ready to hit the football field! OK, maybe they aren't competing in the NFL (which is probably for the best. Who would want any of those faces hurt?), but we are still way into this amazing picture from their latest Pepsi commercial.

See more of One Direction in their football gear after the jump!

Continuing their string of ads with NFL quarterback Drew Brees (aka their newly formed band 1DB), the latest of which will air during tonight's episode of "The X Factor," the boys will achieve their (American) football dreams by fully dressing the part -- pads and helmets and all -- and even get a little game playing time! Despite the fact that they look wayyy more cheerful than most outfitted footballers, the boys looks so PERF in their uniforms that we've GOTTA find out when tryouts are, because we are SO ready to join Team 1D. Or maybe we just want to be tackled by them. It's probably the latter. GO TEAM 1D!!!!

This way we'll never forget which is which! JK -- that's impossible.


Photo credit: Pepsi/@pepsi

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