One Direction Shows Us How To Perfect Their ‘Little Things’ Dreamy Expressions

One Direction's Harry Styles does the "swoon face" justice.

One Direction have a lot of lady, have you SEEN the level of insane, record-breaking crowds at their performances? It's like the Beatles reborn! And we certainly don't doubt that Directioners looove the boys' catchier-than-thou songs like "Live While We're Young" and "What Makes You Beautiful," but there are clearly more elements at work here -- like, say, their gorgeous floppy hair, the just-right way they wear blazers (see: Harry Styles), the fact that they all look like PERFECTION without even appearing to try, and of course, their patented "swoon face." So..just WHAT is a "swoon face"? Aka the thing that makes women of all ages nearly lose consciousness as though Ryan Gosling just walked into the room? As the "Kiss You" singers put it in an exclusive interview with MTV news, their "swoon face" is one part "someone just offended your mom," another part "pissed off," and somehow it all culminates in "COME HITHER."

Check out One Direction's swoon faces in GIFS(!), and watch their "how-to" video after the jump!

After spilling each other's secrets to MTV News, the boys discussed their "swoon face" a bit further -- because we just really need to understand this. The "swoon face" is an ART, you guys. After watching the clip, we've dissected and deconstructed the matter, and we've reached the conclusion that in addition to looking sleepy-eyed and slightly like "we're going to kill you," 1D's swoon faces are like some genius combination of "Zoolander"'s "Blue Steel" look and Tyra Bank's smizing. And don't worry, of course we GIFed the ish out of it for you.

+ Watch One Direction teach us how to make the perfect "swoon face."

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Photo credit: MTV/Mr. Gif

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