Only Westlife (!?!?!) And Jonas Brothers Survive MTV’s Battle Of The Boy Bands! Now GO VOTE!

WE ARE SO OFFICIALLY STRESSED OUT RIGHT NOW! The MTV Battle Of The Boy Bands competition is down to just TWO final boy bands. This whole scenario is resurfacing the latent PSTD we STILL need to address after witnessing Cato vs. Katniss and Peeta at the Cornucopia.

Deep yoga breath. OK. Here's the latest MTV Battle Of The Boy Bands update: Westlife eliminated The Wanted from the competition John Wilkes Booth-style and The Jonas Brothers overtook Mindless Behavior, so shiz getting real. We still can't BELIEVE that NKOTB, *NSYNC Backstreet Boys AND One Direction got voted out (not to mention, uh HELLO, THE BEATLES, but we're impressed by the fierce fortitude of Westlife and The Jonas Brothers fans. (Also, have any of you broken fingers or developed carpal tunnel voting so much? If so, please don't sue us, kthx.) What's your stance regarding Decision 2012? Will Jonas Brothers take it, or will Westlife live forever? The winner will be revealed soon enough!! Until then, watch Buzzworthy's Tamar Anitai and MTV News' Christina Garibaldi and Jocelyn Vena analyze the final two boy bands left in the battle!

Cast your votes for Westlife or Jonas Brothers in the final round of MTV's Battle Of The Boy Bands this weekend. The winner will be announced Monday, May 7. And may the best boy band (of all time!) win!


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