Original PlayStation games hit PS Vita

Limited library of titles available for North American users compared to Europe, Japan; workaround involves transferring games from PlayStation 3.


Original PlayStation classics purchased on PlayStation Network are now downloadable on the PS Vita, but some North American owners have been displeased by an extremely limited selection. Update 1.80 for the PS Vita also included modifications for the handheld system's user interface, browser, and other tweaks, according to the PlayStation Blog.

The new PlayStation functionality officially supports only nine games, including Final Fantasy VII, Syphon Filter, and Tomb Raider. By comparison, the European PlayStation blog lists 129 titles available starting tomorrow, and its Japanese counterpart has 291 games ready for download in that region today.

Users have discovered that at least 80 PlayStation games appear to function on North American PS Vitas, but are accessible only if first downloaded on a PlayStation 3. An unofficial list of the games that can be transferred to the PS Vita has been compiled by Reddit users.

GameSpot requested comment from Sony Computer Entertainment America about the discrepancy between regions and when North American users can expect more titles to become available, but received no response as of this writing. The PlayStation Vita has sold 2.2 million units as of June since its February launch.

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