Our Prayers Go Out To The Families In Colorado

Just like the rest of you we have woken up today to the news of the awful tragedy, the shooting at a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colorado.  As some of you know one of our team member “Superfly” lives in that area.  We have heard from him this morning and he and his family are fine.   But our heart absolutely breaks for the families of the dead and injured in this terrible event.   Senseless violence is always just that… senseless, and we may never know the gunman’s motivations.

While we may not know any of the victims, we know that they were genre fans, Batman fans, nerds, geeks, film lovers… people just like the rest of our community.  People that were excited to see a movie that most of us are excited to see.  They are us, they are fans, they are part of our “extended family”… and now there are 14 of them that don’t get to go home and tell their family and friends how great the movie was, or how tired they are this morning, but that it was totally worth it.  And there are at least 50 more that will live with lifelong injuries.

If I live to be 1000 I will never understand what motivates someone to end the life of an innocent person.

Some people are focusing on the fact the gunman was dressed up, some are questioning why there were young kids, 3 month and 6 years old in the midnight screening.  None of that is the point.   We’ve had a death in the family, the over all family of fandom and we should mourn them.  They were us.  They deserved better.

Our hearts go out to all that were affected by the events last night.

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