PHOTOS: The Best Of Kim Kardashian And Kanye West!

We've been all about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's love affair since the get-go. I like to pretend that it was a total "When Harry Met Sally" moment -- Kanye was probably all "I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night" at a New Year's Eve party, and Kim probably had a Cher moment in "Clueless," all, "Wait, I love Kanye!" At least we're hoping that's how their initial relationship talks went.

Regardless of my weird celebrity fantasies, when Kimye first emerged as a real-deal couple circa early April 2012, we couldn't have been more excited. These two have seen their fair share of crappy ends of the public relationship stick, so every photo that emerges of the two of them smiling, GENUINELY, and AT EACH OTHER, just sets our cold, little shriveled hearts of fire. We're pulling for these two, so we thought we'd recap their relationship thus far with our BEST OF KIM KARDASHIAN AND KANYE WEST PHOTO GALLERY. This totally isn't creepy at all, by the way.

Check out more photos of Kimye being adorable and such after the jump, and see all of our favorite K + K moments in our BEST OF KIM AND KANYE PHOTO GALLERY!

Vintage Kimye! Yooo, it totally looks like Kanye's been waiting this thing out since way back in 2008. Seen here at a fancy-pants event in L.A., Kanye's trying to shoot love arrows of out of his eyes at Kim...or something. And it only took four years for them to reach her. Never give up, lovers!

+ Check out more photos of our favorite new couple in our BEST OF KIM AND KANYE PHOTO GALLERY! We think they're registered at Bergdorfs, BTW.

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