Pikmin 3 skips online multiplayer over technical issues

Shigeru Miyamoto says having numerous small creatures onscreen at once would present problems when syncing up over an Internet connection.


Nintendo's just-announced Pikmin 3 will not offer online multiplayer due to technical issues, designer Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed to IGN. He explained that having numerous Pikmin creatures onscreen at once (players will have up to 100 to control) would create complications too extreme to work over the Internet.

In explaining the reasoning to not include online multiplayer for Pikmin 3, Miyamoto said that what worked in Mario Kart would not work with the new real-time strategy game.

"So in the case of Mario Kart, we did have online multiplayer, and that's something that...You have to be very careful that you don't drop frames as you're trying to sync up with other players over what could be a very great physical distance, over the Internet," he said. "But in the situation of Pikmin, for example, since you would have lots of individual, small creatures, the Pikmin, whose every movement and location is going to be really important in the game, it would be very difficult to sync up over an Internet connection."

Pikmin 3 for the Wii U was announced during Nintendo's 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo briefing last week. It is a direct sequel to 2004's GameCube title Pikmin 2 and introduces new features like a Rock Pikmin, which can be used to destroy hard objects. The game is fully playable with just the Wii U GamePad, but can also be directed with a Wii MotionPlus controller.

For more on Pikmin 3, check out GameSpot's preview from E3 2012.

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