Pink Is SO Nonchalant About Being Half-Naked And Paint-Covered At The 2012 AMAs (PHOTOS)

Pink clearly doesn't GAF about what you think of her paint-covered body.

Pink, a major advocate of the DGAF lifestyle, had another mind-blowing performance at the 2012 American Music Awards (if you recall her STUNNING rendition of "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" at this year's VMAs, you know what she's capable of). And before you ask: No, a bra and undies are not what she wore through her fiery version of "Try" (though mobility is DEF necessary for most Pink performances). Besides, even if she DID go out in her skivvies, I doubt most people would mind -- girl's body is JACKED.

See more photos of Pink at the 2012 American Music Awards after the jump.

The "True Love" singer sent the photo out on Instagram with the caption "Some more backstage pics tomorrow.... For now... We have naked dance party Gangnam Style." (Seeing her in that state of undress might cause Psy to loosen his bow tie a little bit, just sayin'.) We gotta say, Instagramming in the buff seems to be a common theme these days -- has Pink been hanging out with Rihanna lately? Regardless, we love how Pink just does whatever she wants, paint-covered interpretive dancing/nearly naked Instagrams and all. She knows that she's one of the best pop stars IN THE WORLD (more than a decade in the biz and counting, y'all), so why would she sweat what anyone thinks of her? Exactly, guys. Also, Pink, be careful of actually sweating, 'cause those colors might run -- just a word of advice.

Photo credit: @Pink/Getty Images

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