PlayStation 4 to allow recording of game content over HDMI

Sony says that users will be able to record their own PlayStation 4 game footage over HDMI.


The PlayStation 4 will allow users to record game content over HDMI, Sony has said.

The PlayStation 3 used HDCP copy protection over an HDMI connection, forcing users looking to record in-game content to use analogue cables such as component.

Sony announced that its next-generation console will allow game capture over HDMI during a keynote speech at the Tokyo Game Show 2013 overnight.

The company's head of third-party relations, Brad Douglas, added on Twitter that more "details will follow soon."

The PlayStation 4's OS software will also allow users to record and stream clips of their games without the need for additional hardware.

The PlayStation 4 will launch on November 15 in North America for $399, and on November 29 in Europe for €399/£349.

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