POSTED: Karmin Share Their Thoughts On Hip-Hop, Take Us Behind-The-Scenes At A Photoshoot

We've spent the last couple of weeks idolizing Karmin as MTV's POSTED artist for May. They've been an open book about everything, like thoughts on past relationships and their private pep talk moments. But this week, the pair becomes our official heroes when they share their story on breaking their parents' rules to listen to rap. (We did the same thing!) Also, get a peek at the glamorous life -- Amy and Nick take us behind-the-scenes of a photoshoot...where they walk on water. Where do we sign up to be them?

Watch Karmin chat about rap and hip-hop influences and go behind-the-scenes at a recent photoshoot after the jump.

Our first video catches Karmin chatting about their first exposure to rap and hip-hop. Amy says, "The rapping came from middle school when I had my boyfriend steal me a copy of Dr. Dre's The Chronic 2001." Amy continues to explain that her parents were against any albums with "Parental Advisory" stickers, but that didn't stop the singer's passion to pursue exploring rap and hip-hop in college. Don't listen to your parents, kids -- listen to hip-hop!

The next video shows footage of a Karmin photo shoot where the couple, oh, you know, walks on water. Technically, it's just a clever (and dangerous-looking) illusion that makes them only look like they have superpowers, but just seeing these two in glam attire is the only real magic we need.

Watch more of Karmin's videos at all month long!

+ Watch Karmin chat about rap and hip-hop influences, and go behind-the-scenes at a recent photoshoot.

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