Preview FOUR New Justin Bieber Tracks: ‘Maria,’ ‘Take You,’ ‘Fall’ And ‘Thought Of You’

Preview four new Justin Bieber songs if you can see through your tears.

PRAISE!! It's not every day that we get to bring you FOUR brand-new Justin Bieber songs, but today is that day. Yaaaass! Hooray! Air horn sound! L'chaim! (Too much?) We're not sure if we should do something to commemorate this special moment, but suffice it to say we'd even go as far as trying to nab a lock of Justin's hair as a sacrifice to the God of Beliebing just to show our appreciation (def too much).

Listen to Justin Bieber's "Maria," "Fall," "Take You Out" and "Thought Of You" after the jump.

We've already heard Justin's Big Sean-assisted "As Long As You Love Me," his Drake-featured "Right Here" and his Nicki Minaj-backed "Beauty and a Beat." And today, some Bieber solo tracks have surfaced. First up is "Maria," Justin's own "Billie Jean," and call-out to the Mariah Yeater, who accused him of being her baby-daddy. Though the subject matter is serious, the record itself is a bona fide club banger that we can see Beliebers worldwide getting down to while simultaneously laughing off Mariah's false claims.

Next we've got "Fall," a casual ballad where Justin doles out some love advice to a female friend. JB's pal falls in love with her best friend, and Justin tries to talk her off the ledge when it all falls to crap. A cute song, but not as forward-thinking as most of the other Believe tracks we've previewed. In a complete 180 from his sugary ballad, "Take You Out" is a sultry, electro-dance record that has Justin using his airy falsetto to boast: "I could take you out, I could take you home/ I could take you anywhere you wanna go." One of the more mature lines we've heard from the Biebs, but then again, when you've been involved in a paternity scandal, no lyrical content is really off the table, is it? Last, but certainly not least, is Justin's Diplo-produced "Thought Of You." The track feels like it's driven by a marching band, yet it's still packed with same syrupy-sweet pop tones that classify the rest of Believe.

In sum, great job, Team Bieber!  We co-sign on all four of these tracks. Believe is officially out June 19.

+ Listen to Justin Bieber's "Maria," "Fall," "Take You Out" and "Thought Of You." 

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