Resident Evil Village Eased Up On “Tension Curve” After Players Found RE7 Too Scary

Resident Evil Village is a horror game at heart, and it builds on the return to the classic, slower-moving horror of Resident Evil 7 that was also a signature of the early games. However, Capcom took a slightly different approach to how it handled scares this time around, as it didn't want to overwhelm the player with terror like it sometimes did in Resident Evil 7. After all, what good is having scares if people quit before they see them?

Speaking to Axios, producer Tsuyoshi Kanda said Capcom received Resident Evil 7 feedback and some players felt it was actually too scary. Scary is obviously the goal in horror, but not if it means players don't want to keep playing it for fear of an unexpected bowel movement.

"In one regard, that's exactly what's we're striving for, so it's a huge compliment for us," he said. "But at the same time, it's always our goal to create something that anybody can feel comfortable jumping in and playing, so we eased up on the tension curve [in RE Village] relative to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, so players aren't in constant fear."

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