Rihanna Is Topless Again: London Edition (PHOTO)

Rihanna is topless. Again!

By now, a topless Rihanna photo is kinda like Taylor Swift in a red dress...aka an everyday occurrence. No, literally, like Rihanna is topless in public as often as she's clothed. In case you'd forgotten, there was the time she got naked in the pages of GQ, the time she was naked on the cover of GQ, the time she was naked with Kate Moss on the cover of V magazine, the time she was naked after Halloween, and about 97,000 times before that. Now, in our latest "Rihanna is topless again!" coverage, we have: "That One Time Rihanna Was Naked In London While Standing In Front Of A Clothes Rack Wearing Gym Gear!" Aren't our titles creative?

Right before Instagramming this photo of herself getting dressed, our spies informed us that Rihanna also 'grammed a photo of her "Nobody's Business" collaborator, Chris Brown, leading the masses (and us) to believe they were together not that long before. We're gonna go with "no comment" on that one, so let's just keep it moving and focus on the most pressing issue at hand: Rihanna is topless once again! Merry early Christmas.

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram

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