Rihanna Releases Her ‘Unapologetic’ Album Art, And Please Forgive Us For Staring! (PHOTO)

Rihanna's "Unapologetic" cover art leaves veeeery little to the imagination.

ATTN Rihanna Navy: We officially know two things today that we did not know yesterday. 1) The title of Rihanna's seventh album will be Unapologetic, and 2) the cover of said album shows off most of Rihanna's upper body in such a DGAF way that ONLY RiRi could pull it off. SERIOUSLY, and it is unbelievable how amazing girl looks. I guess going bare on your album art is just a trend these days. (We should maayyybe start working out again every morning.)

Today Rihanna tweeted her latest cover art with the simple caption "ALBUM COVER." In case you were too busy staring or just preoccupied with picking your jaw off of the ground, you'll notice that there are actually words covering Rihanna's body like "#NAVY" (S/O TO #RIHANNANAVY), "VICTORY," and "7" (no doubt a reference to Unapologetic being her seventh album). Well, if "Diamonds" and this album cover are any indication, we can DEF expect a "FEARLESS" album to drop on Nov. 19. Rihanna, there is never any need for you to apologize.

Photo credit: @rihanna

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