Rihanna Unveils New Song ‘Stay’ On ‘Saturday Night Live’ (VIDEO)

Rihanna gets us all kinds of emotional during her "Stay" performance on "SNL."

This has SO been Rihanna's week: She dropped the video for "Diamonds," DOMINATED the Victoria's Secret fashion show, and sent the Internet into pandemonium when she released snippets of her entire Unapologetic album! What better way to seal the best week ever with a "Saturday Night Live" gig to unveil a new song, "Stay." Whoever said you can't have your cake and eat it too (literally!) has clearly never heard of Queen Ri.

Watch Rihanna perform "Stay" on "SNL" after the jump!

With tracks like "We Found Love" and "Shut Up And Drive," we're super accustomed to hearing clubby/Calvin Harris-backed Rihanna, but Rih's stripped-down performance of "Stay" did an amazing job of reminding us of her raw, tremendous vocal talent.  Give the girl a piano, dark stage, and emotional lyrics, and we'll hold up our lit iPhones and sway right along. And while "Diamonds" may show off Rihanna's optimism, "Stay" reflects on the pop star's darker times: "Funny all the broken ones/ But I'm the only one who needed saving/ Cause when you never see the lights/ It's hard to know which one of us is caving."

We're just guessing here, but the track's lyrics evoke feelings of a love that she just can't let go. With all this chatter about her recent random moments with Chris Brown (and even the pairs collabo ballad), we kinda feel like we're right... which happens to be our favorite feeling EVER (next to getting goosebumps from a STELLAR Rihanna performance, of course).

+ Watch Rihanna perform "Stay" on "SNL."

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