Rihanna Wears ‘Hand-Rolled’ Shirt To The Airport (PHOTO)


Rihanna rolls into the airport. Ha ha! Get it? "Rolled"?

We're fully in love with everything Rihanna wears, be it a sexy cat shirt or hardly anything at all. But we had to pause for the cause when, during our daily "What Is Rihanna Wearing" romp through the wires, we saw the 2012 MTV VMA-nominated singer rolling through Heathrow Airport wearing a shirt with a hand-rolled cigarette "of some sort" on it. We're not sure what's in that cigarette, and quite frankly, we don't want to know! Because smoking anything is bad for you! (She must not have gotten the memo about that, because after landing in London, she Instagrammed a photo of herself exhaling! Frowny face! Preserve your pipes, Princess Ri!) But you have to hand it to Rihanna -- if that is a joint, she's bringing new meaning to the term "mile-high" club and showing England how a real g does.

We'd like to take this moment to caution Rihanna to steer clear of the K-9 squad: Those dogs typically have no sense of humor.

Can we also just say that we're reminded of the time VMA presenter Mac Miller told us about his "MOST DOPE" knuckle tat at the 2012 Woodie Awards. "Sucks at the airport," he bemoaned. Listen to the man, Rihanna! We don't want you being held up at the airport on your way to the VMAs!

Rihanna Instagrams a smoky photo. We're putting two and two together...

Photo credits: Will Alexander/WENN.com/@badgalriri

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