Rihanna Wore A Shirt With Teddy Bears And Sneakers On It (And Possibly No Pants) Because CLEARLY SHE CAN (PHOTO)

Rihanna wore an oversized t-shirt dress with bears and sneakers on it. Obviously, we loved it!

Rihanna's been busy being a gangsta-goth pan Asian person in her "Princess Of China" video, so we couldn't have fewer effs to give if shewants to take it easy and an oversized t-shirt with teddy bears and sneakers on it! It's like, maybe Rihanna's just dying to take a break from all her binding performance-wear and chill out in a pajama top made for an unfortunately outsized toddler. And WHAT IS YOUR POINT?

Actually, did you really think Rihanna would wear any old pajama-inspired t-shirt dress? Nope, because this fashion-forward ensemble was actually designed by the incredible Jeremy Scott (our BFFs at MTV Style LIVE for him) and probably cost more than your entire closet combined. While en route to what was likely an expensive dinner at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, Rihanna proudly donned her teddy bear tee and paired it with a fuchsia baseball cap with gold dollar signs on it. Because money! Rihanna has a ton of it and we're pretty sure that entitles her to wear anything she wants. Including t-shirts with bears and sneakers on it. Live ya life, girl.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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