Robert Pattinson Denies He’s ‘Catching Fire’ In ‘Hunger Games’ Franchise

Pattinson was initially 'curious' about rumors he would be playing dreamy tribute Finnick Odair, before shutting them down.
By Jocelyn Vena

Robert Pattinson
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With one saga over, "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson says he has no plans to join that other super-buzzy and much-loved book-to-movie franchise, "The Hunger Games."

In an interview with USA Today, Pattinson denied rumors that he was in talks to play the dreamy tribute Finnick Odair in the next "Hunger Games" movie, "Catching Fire."

"I woke up this morning and saw all these things about me being cast in 'The Hunger Games'," he said while promoting "Cosmopolis" in Cannes over the weekend. "I was kind of curious for a second. So I called my agent. My agent was like, 'No.' [My agent] was like, 'No one's going to offer you that part.' I was like, 'Thanks for the reassurance.' "

Finnick appears in both "Catching Fire" and the last book in the franchise, "Mockingjay." Ten years before he entered the arena in "Catching Fire," he had won the Hunger Games at age 14 using a Trident. Although they sometimes have a shaky relationship, Finnick and Katniss eventually become friends and ultimately join a group of rebel sharpshooters called Squad 451.

While Finnick's casting remains up-in-the-air, the cast is expected to hit the set for the second "Hunger Games" film sometime in the coming months. And, shortly after Francis Lawrence got the directing gig for the flick, Josh Hutcherson opened up to MTV News about the director shake-up.

"I think he'll stay true to the first one. Gary's already established a tone and a theme and kind of a whole world. So I think Francis will operate within that. I hope so," he said. "At the same time, if I were directing, I'd want to bring my own thing to it. So I hope he brings something different to it, which I'm sure he will."

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