Robert Pattinson’s Next Movie: A Modern-Day ‘Bonnie And Clyde’?

'Twilight' producer says Pattinson would be 'fantastic' in the big-screen adaptation of 'The Professionals.'
By Kara Warner

Robert Pattinson
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When it comes to knowing the comings and goings of Robert Pattinson, we'd like to consider ourselves experts, or very much in the know with regard to what movies we can expect to see the "Twilight" superstar make next.

We know about his roles in "Bel Ami," "Cosmopolis" and, of course, "Breaking Dawn - Part 2", but what do you think of Pattinson tackling a modern-day thriller à la "Bonnie and Clyde"?

When MTV News caught up with "Twilight" producer Wyck Godfrey recently to discuss Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's chances of another Best Kiss win at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday (June 3), he revealed that he and Pattinson might be cooking up some post-"Breaking Dawn - Part 2" work plans, in the form of a big-screen adaptation of a crime thriller.

"There's a book called "The Professionals," which is a new crime thriller that Rob has read and really likes," Godfrey said of Owen Laukkanen's well-received debut novel. "We're just starting to look at a writer [to adapt it]. It's kind of a 'Bonnie and Clyde' for today, and he would be fantastic in the role. It's in the early days; we'll see."

A modern-day version of "Bonnie and Clyde" sounds gritty and violent no matter which way you look at it. We asked Godfrey if he sees this potential big-screen crime thriller as a PG-13- or R-rated film for Pattinson.

"Possibly R," he said. "[Rob's] an adult now."

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