Rockstar releases GTAV app

Free iFruit app hits iTunes, allows users to stay up to date with Grand Theft Auto V news, train Franklin’s dog Chop, and customize cars.


Rockstar Games today released an iOS app called Grand Theft Auto: iFruit, which taps into Grand Theft Auto V to “further postpone the need for real social interaction.”

The app features GTAV news, connectivity with the Rockstar Games Social Club and LifeInvader, and also lets users launch other Rockstar Games apps.

In addition, the iFruit app taps into Los Santos Customs, allowing users to customize their in-game vehicle by tinkering with paint jobs, window tints, and suspension, among other features. Users can also create and reserve custom license plates for GTAV and Grand Theft Auto Online using the app.

The iFruit app also allows users to train GTAV protagonist Franklin’s Rottweiler dog, Chop, through a feature called “Chop the Dog.” Users can pet him, feed him, play fetch, and teach him tricks using the app.

Spending time with Chop using the app will be reflected in GTAV. Chop will be more helpful and responsive to Franklin and will perform tricks if properly trained using the app. Chop will also sniff out desirable items on walks if players train him using the app.

GTAV launches tomorrow, September 17, for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For more on the open-world game, check out GameSpot’s review.

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