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The HTC Vive Demo is Seriously Incredible
HTC Vive and Steam VR have come up with an amazing demo we had the pleasure of experiencing at GamesCom 2015. There's balloons, spiders, cookery, and a special moment with a blue whale.
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For Honor “Vision” Trailer – Gamescom 2015
Get a behind the scenes look at For Honor from the Ubisoft Montreal team.
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First Cities: Skylines Expansion Adds Day/Night Cycle
City-building sim Cities: Skylines is getting its first expansion pack, and it's one based around the addition of a nighttime period for your cities.The day-and-night cycle is the primary new feature revealed today as part of the After Dark expansion, ...
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Zynga Loses Money Again, Appoints Former EA Exec to Board of Directors
Social gaming giant Zynga on Thursday reported earnings for the three-month period ended June 30, revealing an overall loss--but there were a few notable bright spots and new developments.For the quarter, Zynga posted a loss of $7.6 million, compared t...
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Internet Reacts to Time Magazine’s Goofy Oculus VR Cover

The iconic Time Magazine on Thursday revealed its latest cover, showing Oculus VR creator Palmer Luckey wearing his famous virtual reality headset while jumping in the air in front of a beach. It was meant, we have to imagine, to demonstrate how wearing the goggles can transport you wherever you want to go.

The cover is goofy. There is no doubt about that.


Not longer after it was released this morning, the image was derided on social media. People commented in droves about their dislike for it, with some saying the silly cover could end up hurting the general population's perception of virtual reality. It's also produced some rather excellent Photoshops.

Take a look at some of the images and tweets below.

What do you make of the cover? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

— Chris Remo (@chrisremo) August 6, 2015

Oh my god I'm dead

— Jason Nuyens (@generaltao) August 6, 2015

"How do you want me to act?" "Yeah, so pretend like you are flying and sort of pooping your pants at the same time"

— Manveer Heir (@manveerheir) August 6, 2015

As always, The Onion arrives to the rescue

— Shaun McInnis (@smcinnis) August 6, 2015

TIME is clearly part of a highly orchestrated conspiracy to kill virtual reality

— Zac Minor (@zacminor) August 6, 2015

This TIME cover is the worst PR that virtual reality could ever have. Everyone involved is fired.

— George Broussard (@georgeb3dr) August 6, 2015

So man everyone is freaking out about Time's virtual reality piece. Dislike the stereotyping but that cover ... so hilarious

— Gieson Cacho (@gcacho) August 6, 2015

Am I doing this right?

— Chandana Ekanayake (@Ekanaut) August 6, 2015

Palmer Luckey's movie career is really taking off.

— Dalibor (@DaliDimovski) August 6, 2015

First costume for #LaraCroftGO unveiled!

— Square Enix Montréal (@SquareEnixMtl) August 6, 2015

@therealcliffyb Couldn't resist. ;)

— Sean Pelletier (@PellyNV) August 6, 2015


— Henrique Gonçalves (@Henriquegds) August 6, 2015

RKO OUTTA NOWHERE @therealcliffyb

— Jules (@Ghostayami123) August 6, 2015


— Devon Scott-Tunkin (@devonsoft) August 6, 2015

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Get Ready to Pimp Your Dragon in Scalebound
Lucy can't wait to deck out Thuban in dragon armour after checking out Scalebound at Gamescom 2015.
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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – Evie Frye Assassination Gameplay
Watch as Evie Frye uses a false kidnapping to assassinate her target in Assassin's Creed Syndicate.
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Crusader Kings Developer Announces Stellaris, Sci-Fi Grand Strategy Game
Paradox Development Studios, creator of Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis, has always focused on the past--its titles explore the formation of real-world empires and Earth-bound emperors. But at Gamescom today, Paradox announced a new direction--th...
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Next Battlefield 4 DLC Features New Nighttime Map
After teasing the possibility, EA and DICE have revealed the next DLC pack for Battlefield 4--yes, 4, not Hardline--and its focus is on nighttime combat, hence the name: Night Operations.While we don't yet know everything it consists of, we have gotten...
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Deadpool 101: Everything you should know about Marvel’s new movie hero

Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool

It's been a long time coming, but Ryan Reynolds is finally returning as the deranged superhero Deadpool. In case you aren't familiar, Reynolds will reprise his role as the elite assassin, whom he first played in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. (Photo: Marvel)

Wade Wilson Has Cancer

Before he becomes Deadpool, he's just a guy named Wade Wilson. Wilson's story takes a turn when he finds out he has cancer in his “liver, lungs, prostate and brain.” Instead of going full Walter White, Wilson fields an offer to cure him and then some... (Photo: Marvel)

But He Gets Recruited

There's always a catch, right? Wilson then gets recruited by this sinister looking man for Weapon X, the experimental procedure that gave Wolverine his powers. The recruiter promises to cure Wilson and turn him into a superhero. (Photo: Marvel)

And He Can Heal Like Wolverine

After undergoing the Weapon X procedure, Deadpool has similar healing qualities to Wolverine. In the trailer, Deadpool gets a hole blown in his arm, yet he miraculously recovers. (Photo: Marvel)

But Deadpool Knows He's a Fictional Character

In the comics, Deadpool breaks the fourth wall on a regular basis. As a superhero, he's generally aware he's not real. Toward the end of the raucous trailer, Deadpool looks into the camera and inhales the smoke from his guns. (Photo: Marvel)

And He's Got a Sense of Humor

Despite being told his sense of humor wouldn't survive Weapon X, Deadpool is clearly a witty and hilarious superhero. Before undergoing Weapon X, Wilson makes fun of Ryan Reynolds's first turn as a superhero with The Green Lantern. If all else fails, Wilson certainly has a future as a comic book illustrator with his lovely drawing skills. (Photo: Marvel)

Deadpool Gets Hit With the Ugly Stick

Deadpool looks much, much better with his suit on. The Weapon X procedure looks to have made the handsome Ryan Reynolds pretty hideous. (Photo: Marvel)

Colossus Gives a Beating

In another connection to the X-Men, the organic steel-clad Colossus makes an appearance in the trailer by easily tossing Deadpool into a car door. Does this mean we will see Deadpool in future X-Men movies? (Photo: Marvel)

Gina Carano is Angel Dust

MMA's other badass Gina Carano (the first is, of course, Ronda Rousey) will play the character Angel Dust, who is known for her superhuman strength. Shouldn't be much of a stretch for her. (Photo: Marvel)

There's a character named Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Seriously, that's her name and she's played by Brianna Hildebrand. In the comics, Negasonic Teenage Warhead is a mutant with telepathic powers. With luck, she can live up to her beautifully crazy moniker. (Photo: Marvel)

T.J. Miller Plays Weasel

T.J. Miller of Silicon Valley fame will play Deadpool's best friend and arms dealer, Weasel. Weasel pulls no punches on Wade Wilson's horrid appearance; he repeatedly describes how ugly Wilson has become. (Photo: Marvel)

Deadpool is going to be a bloody good time

If you checked out the red-band trailer, then you know how fun and bloody this movie will be. Get ready for a lot of action, witty one liners, slow-motion kills and gun sniffing. (Photo: Marvel)

Deadpool Bows In February 2016

Deadpool will be one of the first big action flicks in 2016, with a release of February 12th. Will you see Star Wars for the 8,000th time, or Deadpool? (Photo: Marvel)

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